Central Power Electric Cooperative, Inc.
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Montana Dakota Utilities
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Natural Gas Utilities

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Business Name: RTC
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Our Mission is to provide quality telecommunications services at competitive prices.

What is a cooperative?
A cooperative is a business owned by those it serves. Reservation Telephone Cooperative (RTC) was formed in 1951 to provide low-cost quality telephone service to its member-owners.
How can I participate in the cooperative?
As a member-owner, you are given an opportunity each year to be nominated or to nominate someone for the RTC Board of Directors. The election of RTC Directors is held each year at RTC’s Annual Meeting. The rights and obligations of RTC’s members are covered in the RTC by-laws, which are printed in each RTC telephone directory. An RTC member may also obtain a copy of the by-laws or obtain any other information about the cooperative by calling RTC headquarters.

RTC serves 20 exchanges with nearly 10,000 access lines spread over 5,698 square miles.
We are about 80% built out with Fiber To The Home (FTTH).


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SRT Communications
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At SRT, we believe in the cooperative principles we were built on to bring telecommunications services to the most rural residents in our area, and we strive every day to be a technology leader dedicated to doing our part in making this a progressive place to live and do business.

It’s all about your experience. We know that life can be challenging but keeping you connected to your technology doesn’t have to be. We want you to experience the best in customer care, reliability of service, innovative technology and a little bit of fun.

One stop for Internet, Security, Wireless, TV & Phone, that’s us! With more than 200 dedicated local employees ranging from tech geeks to helpful customer care, we are here for you all day – every day.


Based in Minot, we are North Dakota’s largest telecommunications cooperative providing over 50,000 active services to our customers.

SRT was formed out of an idea in a meeting room. We are proud of our milestones and accomplishments like bringing telephone service to Minot Air Force Base and opening a retail store.

Our first priority is investing in a premier broadband network that serves the needs of our most rural customers as well as helps local business succeed in a worldwide marketplace. When the cooperative’s profits exceed the needs of the investments to the network the Board of Directors may choose to allocate capital credits to members.

Fiber optic cable is the future of telecommunications technology and we are committed to bringing its benefits to customers throughout our area. See if fiber based services are available to you!

As part of our commitment to high quality service and products, we work with the best in the industry and are proud to work with the best vendors, consultants, and people in the business.

Business Website Address: www.srt.com
Business Phone Number: (701) 858-1200
Verendrye Electric
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Land Development

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