Because buying, building or remodeling a home is probably the largest investment one will ever make, it makes sense to choose a home builder or contractor who has an investment in their profession. Members of the Minot Association of Builders have made a commitment to keep up with local and national building codes, stay up-to-date with continuing education , and are concerned with the building community in the city of Minot as a whole.

We have three types of members that you will find listed in our directory:

Builder: These companies do hands-on construction work, whether it is building homes, doing remodels or commercial building.
Associate: These companies include any company not technically “building.” That would include anything from electricians and plumbers to mortgage companies to suppliers.
Affiliate: These members are employees of a current member company (builder or associate) who have made a commitment to involvement in the MAB as an individual as well as through their business. Affiliates are not only great businesspeople, but often great leaders in our community!

Members and Counting

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