• Where is the Parade of Homes?
         The Parade of Homes is a scattered site home tour throughout the Minot/Burlington/Surrey area. 
  • What are the hours and dates? 
         Saturday – September 14th from 10 AM to 4 PM 
  • What are the best ways to learn about all of the home entries in the Parade?
    You’ve got some great tools at your fingertips!

    • Parade of Homes Magazine – The magazine will be available online beginning September 2nd and at all homes on the day of the Parade.
    • Digital Options – Through our Facebook page and website, you can browse information on each home, see the maps, plan your route and get digital tickets. 
  • Is there an admission charge to view the homes?
         Yes, it is $5 and up for ages ten and up. 
  • Is there a charge to park, or are there any parking rules?
         Free parking is available on city streets. Please obey parking laws. Do not park in the driveways of the Parade homes or block driveways of occupied homes. 
  • Can I take photos of the homes on the Parade?
         Ask permission to take photos. In this age of social media and digital phones, it’s tempting to snap a photo of anything that interests you. Please ask the builder or realtor working the home for permission first. And remember, that floor plans and unique home layouts can present a copyright concern. 
  • Can I wear my shoes into the homes on the Parade?
         Out of respect for the homes’ current or future owners, please wear socks and remove your shoes when you tour Parade homes. Most homes may provide shoe covers if you need them.
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